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The IUSSTF will organize a series of activities to engage government agencies, academic institutions, industries that are creating AI tools and technologies, professional scientific societies, and foundations.

Provide an opportunity for individuals / stakeholder groups to

  • Share experiences;
  • Identify new R&D areas/opportunities that would benefit from synergistic activities;
  • Discuss the emerging AI landscape; and
  • Address the challenges of developing an AI Workforce.

The Roundtables will primarily serve as an information gathering/scoping exercise on different focus areas.

WORKSHOP I: AI for Social Good
  • Ethics/Values
  • Privacy/Security
  • Autonomous Decision Making
  • Explainability/Transparency
  • Algorithmic Fairness/Bias
WORKSHOP II: Data and Computing Infrastructure
  • Data Sharing
  • Annotation
  • Provenance/Data Quality
  • Benchmarking and Standards
  • Intellectual Property

Provide a platform for academic institutions, industry and government representatives to 

  • Identify emerging research areas
  • Define knowledge and skills needed for different AI careers
  • Address Program and Curriculum Development at different levels.
  • Identify Infrastructure and Resource needs

USI-AI Activities - Focus Area

Focus Area

Health Care
Smart Cities